Taking Your First steps towards independence

With the fall semester soon approaching, many students are taking their first real big step towards independence. Much like Frodo taking his first real step out of the shire, students are leaving their parents' homes for the first time and moving into the dorms to spend their first year at their college or university. I remember my first semester away from home. It went well until it didn't. My room became a real mess. Looking back today, I realized had I bought a kit like this, it might have motivated me to keep my space clean. The only motivation I really had was the fact that I had my own space and only had a Swiffer and a garbage can. I remembered I would sweep every time it rained. I was a real neat freak. The location I was in at the time didn't make it easy to get to the store. The room slowly got dirtier and dirtier as I rationed my cleaning goods. I waited for my parents to send me more or just didn't clean in general. There were many nights where I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, stepping on a wet, disgusting floor, only to track it back into my room. Thinking back, I wish I had a roll of paper towels to dry my feet before going back to my room. I also wish I had the tools to keep the germs out of my room because by the end of my stay, I was so sick constantly that it took multiple rounds of antibiotics to clear the infection. Now, years later, I built a kit around those " I wish I had" items, developing, perfecting, and selling the kit at an affordable price. 

Now, as everyone else is going on their first journey, I wish to give them the tools that they need to keep their rooms clean and prevent them from getting as sick as I got. When my health went, so did my grades. Being sick all the time made going to class impossible. Now, in a pandemic environment, getting sick is not an option. Our kit helps keep the frat flu away. 

This is a reminder to any parent, when you're sending your child away, making sure they have all the tools to remain safe and healthy.

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